Services Available at Hollylodge, Thomas Gabrielle and Thomas Gabriell EMI

All the homes have accommodation that exceeds the National Minimum Standards. Hollylodge has 29 single rooms, Thomas Gabrielle has 41 single rooms and 1 double room & TGEMI has 26 single rooms. All the homes have lounge and dining facilities as well as on-site laundry rooms and kitchens, the regularly strive to maintain an excellent appearance and regularly refresh decoration and soft furnishings. All bedroom furniture at Hollylodge has been renewed in the last few years and Thomas Gabrielle is undergoing the same renewal process at this time, TGEMI has all new furniture as of 2012. The cleanliness of the homes is maintained by a housekeeping team and is supported by the maintenance persons.

All linen and towels are provided by the homes and more pillows, blankets etc are available if required. If you wish to provide your own linen please ensure that they conform to the standards and are suitably marked.

Personal laundry will be collected on a daily basis and laundered at the home, some families prefer to take items of clothing home to be washed and this can be arranged.

All personal laundry should be appropriately labelled before admission and the homes can arrange the ordering for labels if required (please let us know before admission if assistance is required in this area). Homes cannot be held responsible for missing items should they not be marked properly

Our catering teams work hard to meet all the nutritional requirements for our service users, and a menu is prepared in advance with alternative choices should anyone wish something different. Roast dinners are prepared twice a week and both Hollylodge and Thomas Gabrielle have received a Food Hygiene Rating Award of 5 stars from Torfaen County Borough Council, TGEMI has just had an initial inspection and received 4 stars, this is hoping to be 5 stars on the next inspection.

Activities at all homes is organised by the Activities Co-ordinator and we aim to provide a wide range of organised and informal activities for all abilities and interests. Service users are encouraged to continue existing interests and activities and take up new ones, two activities assistants are also employed to concentrate on local outings on a daily basis (depending on weather!).

We also provide opportunities for Residents to have a peaceful quiet environment and socialise as they wish. We have a selection of areas where visitors are always welcome to spend quality time with their loved ones in this peaceful environment if they wish.

Other/Visiting services

  • Hairdressing – A mobile hairdresser visits the homes once a week.
  • Chiropodist – The chiropodist(s) visit when required usually on a weekly/fortnightly basis.
  • Optician – When required
  • Newspaper delivery can be arranged.
  • Telephone – A payphone is situated in the reception at Thomas Gabrielle, both homes have mobile phones which can be moved around the homes for service users if required. Telephones can be installed in service users own rooms if required at an extra cost.
  • Mobile Library – every 3 weeks
  • Audiologist – When required
  • Religious service – The sisters from Llantarnam Abbey visit Thomas Gabrielle every week, other religions can be accommodated when required.

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We currently have three care homes that cater for the needs of different services users.

All homes are located in Cwmbran and are run by a local family company.

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