Philosophy of Care

It is our belief that the purpose of our Care Homes is to provide the highest possible standard of care to each client. This will be achieved through the effective co-ordination of all dedicated and caring services available amongst the staff, Social Services, Local Community and Health Care Services in partnership with the client and their relatives/friends.

We believe that each client is an individual with the right to receive appropriate skilled care to meet his/her assessed needs. Each client will receive freedom of choice in his/her new environment. The service provided should therefore be responsive to the client as an individual, demonstrating respect for his/her individuality, beliefs and dignity, whilst preserving confidentiality and promoting self dependence. It should, therefore also respect the right of a client to have knowledge and understanding of his/her condition to enable him/her to understand and accept the care level required in order that he/she can make rational decisions regarding their own future.

We recognise each person is unique with a right to his/her own lifestyle in his/her own environment and that he/she comprise a complex web of interdependent physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. We therefore will endeavour to create at all times a warm, friendly and caring environment in the Home, providing opportunities for individual clients to pursue and enjoy wherever possible their own previous activities and interests.

We understand ageing is not necessarily synonymous with either physical or mental disability and that each client is still entitled to a sense of learning, achievement and development throughout their life. By offering support, comfort and reassurance we will aim to work in partnership with the client, his/her relatives or representative, and all sections of the local community, not only to maintain but to also extend their enjoyment and quality of life through the development of a detailed activities and social programme which will be regularly monitored and reviewed with client participation.

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All homes are located in Cwmbran and are run by a local family company.

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