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Deputy Manager

Debbie Gay

Debbie Gay is deputy Manager at Hollylodge. Debbie was previously the administrator and accounts assistant at Hollylodge and became deputy manager in September 2012.

Debbie has gained knowledge and experience in the Residential care setting, completing NVQ’s and continues to develop her knowledge and skills. Debbie is currently completing her QCF Level 5 in management.

Team Leaders

Hollylodge has 6 Team Leaders covering the day and night shifts and they all have the relevant skills & knowledge to carry out their role. All Team Leaders wear a white tunic to identify that they are the Team Leader on duty and all staff have name badges. Team Leaders are the responsible persons for running the team on a day to day basis and are available to speak to if required.

Relief Team Leaders

Hollylodge has 2 Relief Team Leaders, all with relevant skills & knowledge.

Care Assistants

Hollylodge has 18 care staff and all have relevant skills & knowledge to carry out their role. Training is provided in various subjects on an internal and external basis and updating of staff training is a continual process. All Care Staff wear a lilac tunic.

Housekeeping Staff

Hollylodge has 4 housekeeping staff, two of whom are working each day.


Hollylodge has 2 cooks to cover the Home, one cook works each day. Both cooks have attained Food Hygiene Certificates. We also employ a tea person to serve and prepare evening meals.

Maintenance Person

Hollylodge has a full time person to carry out maintenance within the Home. Haydn has been employed in the Home since 2001 and has previous experience of all types of maintenance.

Specialist maintenance is purchased from outside qualified Businesses as required.


Hollylodge has a part time administrator to assist with the daily clerical duties at the home.


The Home currently employs an activities co-ordinator who works full time between Hollylodge and TGEMI, she specialises in activities for service users with Dementia and is available at the homes Monday to Friday to carry out various activities.

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Our Care Homes

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We currently have three care homes that cater for the needs of different services users.

All homes are located in Cwmbran and are run by a local family company.

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